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Counselling and psychotherapy provide professional support during challenging times, helping you build the tools for a positive change in your life.

My training is Integrative and Jungian-based, and I work using a relational and creative approach. This approach allows an in-depth inner exploration, through looking at the past, present and future; and enables a process for self-discovery and change. 

I tailor my way of working to each individual (as no-one is the same), and support clients in gaining awareness of themselves and their experiences.

Therapy can lead to greater empowerment, authenticity and self-knowledge, helping us break free from unhealthy dynamics that can at times take over our lives, and building long-lasting resources. 

My areas of expertise include:

- Stress and Anxiety

- Low Self Esteem

- Depression and Low Mood

- Life Transitions and Change

- Loss and Bereavement

- Self-harm

- Relationship issues 

- Eating Disorders

- Sexual issues

- Trauma and Abuse

- Anger management

- Pregnancy and Motherhood

- Abortion and Miscarriage 

I also offer the possibility of sessions outside, in the woods of South West London. Therapy in natural settings can be very healing and helps re-establish a connection with the natural world. 


I offer an in-depth and multi-dimensional coaching program, based on my therapeutic background and on the DeRose Method. The program works on the physical, emotional and mental dimensions together to enhance your health, concentration, and well-being.


The DeROSE METHOD offers a pathway to a better life, relying on tools based on ancient yoga. These techniques have an effect on all areas of your life; they strengthen your physical body, they will work in subtle ways too help you evolve and connect with the world. The practise also stimulates creativity and intuition; thus offering a multi-lateral development.


Coaching can help you to:


- Improve performance in work, relationships, or sports

- Improve quality of life

- Reach one or more specific goals

- Guide you through a career or life change

- Reduce stress and anxiety

- Find the best lifestyle for you

- Tranform bad habits to good ones

- Gain greater self-knowledge and self-realisation

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems more challenging.”

Joseph Campbell



London, UK

+44 (0) 7824516378

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